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Posted by Meghan Neff on

We are trying to create new ways to keep our scrapping community up to date on metal!
It's no secret that there are tricks to this trade.
Some people learn overtime, some we try to help with! 
That being said, a great trick is a magnet! Believe it or not, a magnet is a tool you will find many scrappers like yourself keep by their side while sorting materials.

Why you may be asking yourself?

Hear us out...

Take any magnet (even one from your fridge) and put it to the test!
Take a piece of what you believe to be steel and place your magnet on it--
if it sticks its going to be a ferrous material such as steel and iron.
If it doesn't it's a non-ferrous material, which will be made of materials like copper, brass, aluminum etc.!
Crazy how a little thing like a magnet can aide you through this process and possibly make you some money along the way!
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Thanks for joining us on our METAL MONDAY, see you next time! 


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