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2002 Chevrolet Trailblazer

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These are becoming harder and harder to find in the junk-yard world, but are still very present on the roads! Good news is that you found us, and we have quite a few here for the parts-taking! 
This is one of our more "loved" vehicles here at Purgatory. As you can see there are many parts already claimed for other vehicles, with that being said there is still LOTS of parts here for your needs as well! 
These tinted windows are in perfect condition! Please notice the back bumper does have a hitch attached, and is in amazing condition as well! 

We are able to pull the parts you need if you are unable to come see us!! Give us a call at 269-641-5566 and get a quote today! 



Fenders: TRAILBLAZER 02-09
               TRAILBLAZER EXT 02-06

Back Hatch: TRAILBLAZER 02-03

Windows: BRAVADA 02-04
                  ENVOY 02-04
                  ENVOY 05-09 exc. Denali
                  ENVOY XL 02-04
                  ENVOY XL 05-06 exc. Denali
                  ENVOY XUV 04-05
                  ISUZU ASCENDER 03-08
                  TRAILBLAZER 02-05
                  TRAILBLAZER 06-09 exc. SS
                  TRAILBLAZER EXT 02-06

                           RAINIER 04-07 w/privacy tint, R.
                           SAAB 9-7X 05-09

Rear Bumper: TRAILBLAZER 02-05
                        TRAILBLAZER 06-09 exc. SS
                        TRAILBLAZER EXT 02-05
                        TRAILBLAZER EXT 06

Rear View Mirrors: Trailblazer 02-09

Seats: No Interchange